Ultramatic West History



The Golia family has been involved in the embroidery business since the founding of their original company, New Haven Embroidery, in the 1920s. Thus, they have acquired extensive knowledge of the industry and its machinery through their years as a machine embroiderer, distributor and manufacturer of embroidery machines and through the operation of their design and tape center.


In the 1970s, Dominick Golia and his sons, Kenneth and Richard, formed a company known as Marco-American after purchasing the Marco machine agency from Coleman Schneider. This firm distributed multi-head mechanical embroidery machines manufactured by Marco of West Germany. Marco-American also had a punch center which programmed jacquard paper tapes of embroidery patterns for use with mechanical Marco and other brands of multi-head machines.

Also, in the early 1970s, the Golias conceived of an idea for an electronic embroidery machine, and by 1974 had developed their first machine. Ultramatic began as a division of Marco-American. The Ultramatic was the first multi-head embroidery machine developed in the United States and remains so to this day.


The Golia family was inducted into the Stitches Embroidery Hall of Fame in 2000.


In 2006 Phoenix brings the tradition of innovation and excellence in their new line of embroidery machines with the benefits of their years of experience.

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Midwest Sportswear
2415 Koyle Ave
Saskatoon, Sackatchewan,Canada

Screen Tek
355 Sackett Point Road
North Haven, Ct. 06473
Robert & Paul Mastriano
one 6 head 15 color

Harley’s Sporting Goods
2495 North Sierra Way
San Bernardino, Ca. 92405
Monty Hale
one 6 head 12 needle one combo machine chenille and embroidery

American Embroidery Mart
440 Antelope Blvd.
Red Bluff, Ca. 96080
Dennis & Jeannie Garton
one 2 head 12 needle one 8 head 12 needle