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NEW Ultramatic II Mixed Chenille


Ultramatic it Mixed chenille Machines
Class of 2007

Many of today’s chenille jobs require a combination of embroidery and chenille, a process that traditionally meant two separate production processes spread across two separate embroidery machines

Ultramatic II has the perfect solution to this challenge with the introduction of the mixed chenille embroidery machine, which combine chenille and embroidery process together on one embroidery machine.

Not only do the Ultramatic II mixed chenille embroidery machines greatly improve efficiently and productivity, they also allowed for a broader creative expression through the combination of multiple forms of embellishment including embroidery, chenille, sequins, cording, taping, coiling and boring. Another Ultramatic II First! And its all accomplished via a user-friendly, interactive embroidery machine design that includes many unique features and functions including:

  • High speed-650spm chenille/850spm Embroidery
  • Automatic color change system-6 color chenille /9 color embroidery
  • 9 inch true color LCD Control Panel
  • Loop and chain stitches can be automatically swapped at the control panel
  • Dual automatic thread break system
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Chenille embroidery

Large embroidery field 400×450 cm
Sequin embroidery
Tubular and flat Embroidery
270 Wide cap Embroidery
Chenille Embroidery

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